What is Web navigation?

The complete information sorted as hypertext or hypermedia as a user interface to World Wide Web through a web browser is navigated; this process is called Navigation or Web Navigation.

What does Navigation do to a website?

Web Navigation or simply navigation makes a website easier to access and use, in other words, it makes life easier for the users during their activity on the website. It permits a user to access and navigate through the website when they are browsing sessions are longer.

Navigational Scheme:

Several navigational pieces like global, local, contextual, and supplemental navigation altogether make a website’s navigational scheme. Global, local, contextual, and supplemental navigation are vital aspects of the broad topic that web navigation is.

A system like hierarchical navigation systems is the primary navigation system and thus is equally crucial. Hierarchical navigation allows navigation within the site for the users by just using levels, which sometimes limits the possibilities.

Therefore to counter this, surplus navigation systems along with hierarchical systems are utilized to systematically structure a website. To allow users to easily access and manage their time on the site, the global navigation system (segment of web navigation) acts as an outline and template and provides users with a seamless experience.

For assisting the users with any specific portion or section of the website, local navigation is used. All these pieces of navigational systems fall under various types of web navigation to enhance user experience during their tie on the website and pave the way for future developments.

Types of web navigation:

The primary use of a web navigation tool for a website is allowing its visitors the most efficient and least clumsy experience. A road map and a website navigation system are very similar in the way they assist visitors. Web navigation systems enable and assist the website or webpage visitors to explore and browse through the website and discover information stored within the website.

There are many types of website navigation, they are stated below:

  • Hierarchical website navigation: In this type of website navigation the structure is built from general to specific providing a transparent and crystal clear path to the users. Browsing and going through all the web pages on the website is much easier.
  • Global website navigation: The top-level pages or sections of a website are shown with global website navigation and visible or made available on every page of the website. It also lists the best content or sections/pages of the website that makes searching easy with extra assistance from the machine.
  • Local website navigation: Linking one web page to other web pages within the website using links within the text of any specific web page is called local navigation.

As one-third of the world now has access to the internet, web navigation is a utility worldwide in this time of revolutionary online age.

It is not just limited to computers, tabs and smartphones have evolved and provide access to all the information available on the internet (web) by adding avenues.