Breeze - easy screenshot capture chrome extension

With the Breeze chrome extension, you can capture screenshots full page or selective in one click.

Website Screenshot Capture

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Capture full-page screenshots, capture screenshots with the focused area with Breeze chrome extension

Breeze allows users to capture full-page, selective, and focused area screenshots with one click.

Capture Visible/Focused Area

Select whether you want to capture visible or focused area

Capture Full Page Screenshots

You can capture full page screenshots by selecting the full page option on the chrome extension

Crop and Edit Images

Once you capture the screenshots, you can edit them, and crop them with Breeze’s tool


You can draw lines, shapes, or write texts on the edited screenshots.

Share Debug Info

Share debug information of the particular screenshot with the technical team

Download images

Breeze lets you download the captured screenshot in either PNG or PDF format

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Easy to capture and edit screenshots

Breeze is the easiest way to capture full page and selective screenshots

Install the Breeze chrome extension on the web-store

It’s free. You just have to go there and search for the Green icon of Breeze, install the extension and enable it.

Select what type of screenshot you want to take and crop

Take a full-page screenshot of the webpage or capture a selected area with just one click from the Breeze chrome extension.

Edit and download the screenshots

Put a text, draw a line, highlight the screen or edit in any way you like and download the screenshot in either a png or a pdf form.

Website Screenshot Capture

Free Chrome Extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkits available today.

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