Advance Screenshot Solution
Annotate + Debug Information

Website Screenshot Chrome Extension

Breeze is a web browser extension that lets you take a Screen capture of a Website.

Breeze lets you take screenshots faster than ever. Breeze makes it easy to take screenshots of Visible Area, Full page or a focused area

Screen captures can be further enhanced with advance annotation option, drop number pin and arrows to highlight features

Breeze is a Google Chrome extension that provides you with debugging information that can be shared with the dev team.

Download Breeze chrome extension. Click on the Screenshot option, this will take screen capture of the pageĀ 

Once you download Breeze chrome extension, take a screenshort. You will be taken to the Chrome extension page, where you will be provided with various annotation tools

  • Lines
  • Arrow
  • Circle & Square
  • Add Text
  • Number Pinpont
  • and many more

Download breeze bar > Clicl Screenshort > Click on Debug Info

This will give info such as Browser Size, Browser OS that can help developers to fix bugsĀ