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Test Responsive Layout

Test Responsive Layout

Breeze is a Google Chrome extension designed to help you test website layouts.

Breeze adds an icon to Google Chrome's toolbar that displays desktop & mobile layout switcher at a glance including top browser resolution & breakpoint

Breeze is a Google Chrome extension that lets you know whether a website works well on mobile devices.

Pulls the top browser size from GA and you can adjust switch to see how the page works on different breakpoint

Pull top browser from Google Analytics. Test with the top 10 breakpoints. Share the browser resolution with your team and developers

Once you install the chrome extension. Clock on the responsive link, it will take you to a new page. 

On this page, you can switch between desktop & mobile. You will also be presented with a drop down through which you can change breakpoints. 

Responsive layout checker provides you with tool to check website responsiveness without having to resize your browser window. 


Breeze Responsive Layout checker allows you to check the layout of the website on both desktop and mobile. 

Its easy to use and can be downloaded from the chrome store

You can check if your website is responsive or mobile friendly by installing Breeze chrome extension. 

Once installed, click on Breeze icon and click on Layout option. 

On the screen, click on mobile icon. If the website layout is optimised for mobile, it means your website is responsive. 


If the website looks the same as it feels on desktop, that means your website is not responsive.