Instant Access to
Website SEO Meta Information

SEO Meta Information

Managing your SEO description for your web pages becomes easy with the SEO panel. You can monitor and make the required amendments.

View the meta-information without having to reach the Page source.

Track the length of the meta title & description and see if it complies with the character’s requirement.

Get Meta title & description information in a click & identify what is missing or wrong in title & description for the best SEO

You can also view the meta details for your competitors’ websites.

When you delete cookies in your web browser, you remove the personal information stored on your computer by the browser for the site you visited. With Breeze Chrome Extension, you can clear cookies with one click.

Breeze provides various features, the cookie & catch module has the following features

  • Clear Website Cookie
  • Clear Website Cache
  • Clear Website Local Data

You can also combine the following action by

  • Time: All time, 30 days, 24 hours, 7 days or past hours
  • By all websites or specific website

You can use this tool if you team has asked you to clear your website cookie & cache. You can clean the cookie, cache and local data with click of a button.