Tweak & Preview Live Website Content
Without Needing To Login With LiveEdits

Live Edits

Do you want to visual see copy change on your website before going to the website team? With LiveEdit you can make copy changes on the fly without needing to login to the CMS

You can draw an outline around every element on the website page to know the page structure.

You can pick colors from anywhere on the page including the images and the Inline frames.

You can also remove the elements temporarily to see how a website looks without that element.

LiveEdit allows you to visually see the changes on the page, these changes are not saved. When you hit refresh the changes disappear. 

Breeze FakeEdit technology allows uses to edit text on the page to visually see how it will look before reaching out to the developers. 

The edits you make are temporary, when LiveEdit is activated, a small panel appears using with you can turn on and turn off LiveEdits. 

Once you have completed LiveEdit, using Breeze Bar take a screenshot of the page, highlight the changes and send it to developers to apply the changes.