Breeze Bar Extension


Released on 28 September 2021

  • Color code copy option is added in background color & text colors in Media section. New
  • Added file size in images (png, jpg) & videos in Media section. New
  • Added Google Analytics script. New


Released on 23 September 2021

  • Popup for username and password logic changed. Changes
  • If user directly closes the fake edit, the grids are still enable however the fake edit is still enable. Fixes
  • Domain switch is not clickable, only add is clickable. Entire field should be clickable. Fixes
  • Click is only working on text only. It should work on entire field. Fixes


Released on 22 September 2021

  • Added Media option. New
  • Added link for logo in all the pages. Changes
  • Extracted webpage images (png, jpg) tab added in Media section. New
  • Extracted webpage svg images tab added in Media section. New
  • Extracted webpage videos tab added in Media section. New
  • Extracted webpage fonts used tab added in Media section. New
  • Extracted webpage background color & text colors used tab added in Media section. New
  • Popup for username and password added in Domain Switcher section. New
  • In Domain Switcher, urls are opened in new window. Changes


Released on 09 September 2021

  • Added Screenshot tool tip option in Popup. New
  • Pin option added in Screenshot page. New
  • Save png option added in Screenshot page. New
  • Save pdf option added in Screenshot page. New
  • Fake edit to be enabled automatically, when clicks fake edit. Changes


Released on 30 August 2021

  • Logo icon transparent. Fixes


Released on 27 August 2021

  • Screenshot Capturing: Edit, Annotate and Save! New

  • Capture visible region. New

  • Capture Full page. New

  • Capture selected region. New

  • Annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text. New

  • Fake Edit section enable & disable option added. New

  • Close option added in Fake Edit section. New

  • Breeze Icon added instead of text in SEO Panel minimize section. New

  • Chrome Extension auto update added. New

  • In Webpage right click, provided option to select SEO Panel, Responsive Layout & Fake Edit. New

  • Cookies popup, chat bot, and seo panel all are overlapped on each other. Fixes

  • Homepage URL is not added on logo at layout. Fixes


Released on 24 August 2021

  • Drop down select not align. Fixes


Released on 23 August 2021

  • When user select mobile view and refresh. It returns back to desktop view. However, the selection is mobile icon along with resolution. Fixes
  • At layout, cursor is blinking at the refresh icon. Fixes
  • Even if user doesn’t select cookies, local or cache and click on clear. It shows Cleared! message. Fixes


Released on 16 August 2021

  • Implemented new design in view cookies page. New

  • Implemented Hide/Show fields option in view cookies page. New

  • Implemented download option with csv and excel documents in view cookies page. New

  • Implemented switch grid & list view options in view cookies page. New

  • Fake Edit section implemented in popup. New

  • Show grid option for draw outline around every element to know page structure. New

  • Edit text option for check how different copy looks on your page by editing element content. New

  • In Cookies & Cache section, by default set to all time in drop down box. Changes


Released on 14 July 2021

  • View cookie page added in cookie & cache section. New
  • Listed all the cookies based on that domain. New


Released on 13 July 2021

  • In CMS dashboard, domain switcher checkbox added in web application. New
  • Selected domains only displayed in the chrome extension. New
  • Popup section, website name linked to web application. Fixes
  • Full website url search functionality implemented. Fixes
  • Added coming soon tooltip for tools & bookmarks bar in popup. Fixes
  • Domain switcher is fixed in popup. Fixes
  • Clear cookie issue solved. Fixes



  • When user hover Tools or Bookmarks links, "Coming Soon" message will display. New



  • SEO Panel close button issue in few websites. Fixes
  • Close button not working in few websites. Fixes
  • Domain Switcher drop down box added in SEO Panel section. Fixes



  • Clear button loader icon changed. Fixes



  • Added clear button loader gif in cookies & cache section. New
  • API urls changed http to https. Changes



  • Icon added. Fixes
  • Changed extension title. Fixes



  • Brand name changed. Changes



  • Added Domain Switcher in Popup section. New



  • Removed "cookies" from permissions section in Manifest file. Fixes
  • In Cookies & Cache section, "cursor: pointer" arrow added for clear button. Changes



  • Layout section design implemented. New
  • Textbox url entry and refresh button implemented. New
  • Desktop and Mobile responsive switch. New
  • Drop down option also added. New



  • Popup section design changed. New
  • User can access "SEO Panel" and "Cookies & Cache" section without login. New
  • Removed domain switcher details from Panel section. New
  • Panel box displayed in other tabs without using Breeze are fixed. Fixes



  • Popup and Panel bottom border color coming based on the environment Url. Changes
  • Panel domain Switcher drop down redirects to the corresponding page. Fixes



  • Added Cookies and Cache option. New
  • Added Cookies and Cache Panel with Clear button. New



  • When clicks the "SEO Panel" in Popup, Panel will open in the bottom of the page. Fixes



  • Login new design implemented. Changes
  • Popup new design implemented. Changes
  • Error section new design implemented. Changes
  • Added Bug icon in the bottom section. Changes
  • Added checkbox for open new tab in panel domain switcher. Changes
  • SEO Panel new design issues fixed. Fixes



  • Popup design changed. Changes
  • Added layout switcher option. Changes
  • SEO Panel new design implementation. Changes
  • Panel bottom color change while domain switching. Changes



  • Created "Popup" section. New
  • Verified user login across the website. New
  • Verified viewing website is added under their environment settings. New
  • Displayed the error section, if viewing website is not available in their environment. New
  • Displayed the success section with menus "SEO Panel", "Domain Switcher", "Screenshot" and "Performance". New
  • Along with displayed user details and links to website. New
  • "SEO Panel" open the separate "Panel" in the page. New
  • "Title" and "Description" displayed with length. New
  • "Domain Switcher" allows you to organize the environments for the various websites you work on. New

Breeze WebApp


RELEASED ON 2021-10-08

  • New plans are added. Right now we have four plans free, starter, standard and agency New
  • workspace style changed Update
  • Include option added. This option is used for chrome extension layout option New
  • All page title updated. This is for SEO purpose Update
  • Mobile view menu bar updated. we showed current page details in menu Update
  • Jumping design issues and some responsive issues are fixed Update


RELEASED ON 2021-09-24

  • URL and Admin URL link added in Environment table Update
  • Credential Popup added in Environment table. Here we can store website username and password New
  • Website Dropdown added in CMS Dashboard Layout. it is used to navigate one websie to another New
  • Setting Popup added. Here we store website common details New
  • Shareworkspace loading time optimized Update
  • Team page added. So now we can store project team members details. it is easy to user tracking New
  • Browser Support page added. Here we list out google analytics data in different format New
  • Take Screenshot page added. It is used for take particular website screenshot at one time New


RELEASED ON 2021-09-09

  • Register Validation Update Update
  • Show four name server details in Techstack page Update
  • Screenshot page Added. it is used for automatically take a website screenshot New


RELEASED ON 2021-08-27

  • Subscription Details added New
  • Order History Details added New
  • Invoice Download option added in Order history page New
  • Cancel Subscription option New
  • Payment module currency changed to Dollar Instead of Pounds Update
  • In Website Edit when website duplicate also Image and all environment values duplicated Update
  • Techstack Page added New


RELEASED ON 2021-08-13

  • Website copy option added New
  • Website Duplicate option added New
  • Workspace share form design changed Update
  • Workspace users role logics added New
  • Payment functionality added New


RELEASED ON 2021-07-21

  • workspace layout icon title added New
  • Client side validation added New
  • smtp configuration changed Update
  • New design implemented in profile page Update
  • Workspace menu list updated Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-16

  • New workspace design implemented Update
  • Table button headers added Update
  • PWA logo changed Update
  • Modal button color changed Update
  • Key value removed in Environment API Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-15

  • Add text overflow logic New
  • Bug form moved to popup New
  • Table borders,background removed Update
  • Add Table hover effects Update
  • Remove unwanted menu and submenu in dashboard page Update
  • Modal Button label changed Update
  • change password design updated Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-14

  • Design landing page New
  • During add Environment set Key automatically Update
  • During add Environment if user click outside show alert Message Update
  • Mail template reduce logo size and add margin Update
  • Bug form move to popup design Update
  • Add Random color in key field Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-13

  • SEO Title Updated Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-12

  • Add Order Field in Environment List New
  • Storage Move to AWS S3 Update


RELEASED ON 2021-07-08

  • logo format changed Fixes


RELEASED ON 2021-07-07

  • Utility pages. New
  • Created workspace for organize a same group of websites. New
  • Created website for check the complete site details using chrome extension. New
  • Created Account page for check their profile and allow to modify it. New
  • Added Change Password option